Dance duet devolves into death match,
when one of its performers turns into a zombie.
**Shortlisted by Frightfest for Fresh Blood Award**

Hilarity ensues when a contemporary dancer unexpectedly turns into a zombie mid-show. As he chases and tries to eat the leading lady, the clueless audience and a pair of wisecracking hipsters look on in fascination, assuming that this is all part of the performance.


While the director and stage manager freak out backstage, dance devolves into a full-blown death match, culminating in an explosive finale and standing ovation.

Development Status:

Currently seeking financing.



Jesse, a 20-something from Glasgow, lives from payday to payday and goes out almost every night. The fun night life and her friends help her happily cruise along until one day she gets stuck without any alcohol or money to buy any.


Instead of recognising her seizures and bout of illness for the alcohol withdrawal that it is, causing her to have hallucinations and delirium tremors, she simply thinks it's the flu.

Her flatmate nurses her back to health, though they both don't realise that the reason Jesse feels better is due to the alcoholic tea she's been given.

We jump forward 8 years where Jesse has just completed her rehab programme for the third time. She takes refuge at her

half-sister's flat, away from Glasgow, to try and get her life back on track.

However, the mundane drudgery of her new life and chemical imbalance in her brain slowly start to drive her mad, as she struggles to hold onto her sobriety and attempts to mend her strained relationship with her sister.

Will she sink back into her old habits, or finally break the toxic cycle for good?

Development Status:
The first half of this film was shot in 2014 and is looking for financing to complete the second half of the film.
Following in the footsteps of films such as 'Boyhood', the lead Actress playing Jesse (Nicki MacDonald) will have aged the equal amount as her character, lending the story an added layer of authenticity.
The below is a visual summary of the first half of the film:



A dealer and a former DJ team up as an unlikely pair of urban detectives, to solve petty and not so petty crimes.

Ranging from investigating who gave their mate Tim chlamydia, to tracking down who stole Jackie's boyfriend's weed, flatmates Jess & Tess use their street smarts and individual know how to fight crime on their own terms.

This is much to the chagrin of their rival Nadine, an overachieving young detective who has to infrequently deal with the messes that J&T often cause on their 'adventures'.

Each episode focuses on a different crime, while having fun with Jess & Tess's personalities and unique friendship.

Development Status:
In Development and seeking production support.
Raindance Webfest Shortlisted Pilot: 'Who Stole Jackie's Boyfriend's Weed?' (5 Mins)

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